Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Menu Week 03/10/11

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Doing the same as last week and just making a list of what we will eat this week but not giving any meal a set day.

Yesterday we had, Sausage pasta and homemade garlic bread. Rest of the week we are having
  • Mince and onion pie, vegetables and potatoes with gravy
  • Lasagne, salad, sauteed potatoes and homemade garlic bread
  • Fish pie, peas and carrots
  • Pork escalope, fries, peas and salad
  • Chicken/tofu fajitas 
Tomorrow I am going to a charity event and at the moment my wardrobe is a bit bare of autumn/winter clothes so I have been searching the rails of the charity shop for something to wear to the charity do.  I found a M&S purple top last week which I bought for a couple of pounds. Today I found a nice necklace to go with it for a pound. I have also found a grey/black top and matching necklace so all I need to do now is decide tomorrow which to wear. Shall post a picture of the one I choose tomorrow.

Off to work now. Bye

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  1. Hope the charity event goes well. It's great when you find a bargain.