Saturday, 15 October 2011

Me and my cold

Hi all,

Thanks for all the views today. There has been a good turn out today!

 I managed to survive work last night. I drew the short straw and had to drive all night around the streets of Leeds doing visits to patients and dealing with all the call outs.  We had a visit at 5.30am on the other side of Leeds and my partner looked at me and said she would drive to the visit. She said my eyes looked so sore and I looked dreadful. Our boss said we might as well both go in our separate cars to the visit then go home after as we were quite quiet. Bless her! I drove to the last patients home, did our work then home on the motorway for the 40 minute drive home. I don't know how I got home this morning! I was on the verge of falling asleep at the wheel on  numerous occasions it was scary! I think I felt this way with feeling so run down with my cold and my sore eyes. I finally arrived home in total darkness and took the dog for a walk. Fed the dog  and finally fell into bed just before 7.00am shattered. I always eat some breakfast before I go to bed, it helps me sleep longer. Today I could not face food and flopped in bed and slept for a staggering 10 hours! I never normally sleep this long  after a night shift but I needed it today.

We had homemade pizzas tonight and I wanted to take a picture for my blog but with rushing around and getting everyone to help with the preparation for our meal I forgot to get some pictures. I will one day get some pictures of our pizzas for my blog. I normally love my homemade pizzas but to tell you the truth I had trouble enjoying it tonight because I could not taste it with having my cold.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to normal. See you then. Thanks for reading, your all a great bunch of followers.

Karen x


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon, Karen.

    I swear by Berocca (or own-brand effervescent orange drinks) for a vitamin C dose to help get over a cold. Whether it's a case of in the mind rather than actually helping, I don't know; but it works for me!

  2. You poor thing, hope you feel better soon.

    Sft x

  3. I couldn't do all nighters any more. I used to work as a support worker in disabilities, aged care and pallitive care. I don't have that energy anymore.