Friday, 21 October 2011

Another rubbish day yesterday

Thought things were on the turn for the better then we had Thursday! My crown on a tooth broke so had to get a quick appointment at the dentist. They could fit me in at 2.00pm she said so off I toddled to the dentist yesterday. The dentist put a temp crown on my tooth and took an x-ray  because the bit of tooth my crown gets attached to was wobbly and she wondered if we should take a different route with crowning my tooth. One route was to go private and have a dental implant but this was expensive she said. £1500-£2000 per tooth! dont' think I'll be having that done then. On the NHS it's a plate or another process she explained where a metal plate is attached to the tooth next to the one I want to crown and this has the tooth attached to it somehow. Anyway shes going to check my x-ray and write to me with the options so I can study them and decide which way I want to go. Hoping the temp crown lasts until after Christmas then I will tackle the expense of a new crown in the new year.

Then, yesterday evening whilst eating my evening meal I began to feel unwell. I could not eat my meal so left it and said I may try to eat it later that evening. We had to be at daughter No3's school for 6.45 due to her receiving two awards at the award presentation evening. There I was sat in a crowded hall feeling unwell when I said to Hubby I was going to stand near the hall door because I was feeling sick. A teacher brought me a chair and another brought me a glass of water. I felt dreadful and just as the presentation was starting I had to make a quick exit into the car park. I had been hit with a D & V bug and ended up going home and missed daughters presentation which I was gutted about. So today I'm still not fully right but nearly there. Rang the voluntary job to let them know I would not be in this morning so I think I shall go back to bed now and try and get some more sleep.

It never rains but it pours as the saying goes. Promise my next blog won't be a moan.


  1. poor you. Sleep tight and get better.

  2. Oh dear, you're not having a very good time of it at the moment. Hope you can get some rest over the weekend and hopefully shake everything off. Looks like you're going to have some expense with your crown. Daniel has a crown on his front tooth as he broke it at school, but it will need replacing at some point. I've already told him to make sure he gets it done before he leaves school so that he doesn't have to pay for it.

  3. Hang on in there.
    Love from Mum

  4. You poor thing! What a cr*p week you've had.

    I think you're doing the right thing, taking your time to think about the dental treatment.It's so expensive and I went down the private route and it was the money you've mentioned.

    Hope you feel better soon Karen.


    Sft x

  5. Hope you feel better soon xx hugs xx

  6. Hope you're feeling better Karen. x