Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bloody Rain!

Rain messed up all my plans to prune two trees in my front garden today. Shall have to wait for a dry day to do the job now. Instead I had a day of bread making. Made my usual hot cross buns for daughter No3's breakfasts and then made some rustic roasted veg bread. I needed to use up some marrow I had in the fridge for ages and I had lots of peppers so roasted these and about 4 cloves of garlic. I made my bread dough using some olive oil left in a jar of olives I'd finished. When the dough had risen I knocked it back then added some of the roasted peppers, marrow and garlic all chopped into small pieces.

The bread is covered in a lot of flour, I always sprinkle the bread with flour before cooking, it gives the bread a soft crust. So we had one with our meal and the other is in the freezer for another day.

Used up some leftover mascarpone cheese in the pasta sauce we had tonight and also blended into the sauce some of the roasted marrow and some of the peppers. Still got some roasted veg to use in a sandwich for lunch tomorrow and for work tomorrow night. Got lots of odds and ends used up today so no food waste happening in this house. Tea tonight, good old cheap pasta with the use it up sauce with some value tuna mixed through it. Lovely it was too.


  1. Your bread looks lovely Karen. I usually add tuna if we are having pasta - then we can all eat the same thing.Hope you get some dry weather so you can sort your trees out.

  2. That bread looks lovely. Very moreish!. Thank you so much for your kindness it is much appreciated x x

  3. I would never think to add roasted veg to bread, I bet it tasted delicious.

  4. Hi, I was sure that I had posted a comment, but I cannot see it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I had to look up marrow (bone marrow in the fridge for ages?) after the google search I think you are talking about squash.?.

    Your bread looks amazing!!! I have never cooked bread - but on the list of things to do sooner then latter. One step at the time. Just so hard to squeeze it all in with full time work, a 4 year old and everything else in between. I don't know how people fit it all in.

    Right now The Rambling Expat is wiping the 2nd lot of dishes so I can do a 3rd sink full. Kind of let it all go, these past few days in the kitchen. It's Friday night and it's not a disco night for me... Miss it sometimes :-)

  6. Frugal Down Under, yes a marrow is a type of squash.

  7. I agree your bread looks beautiful! AND GREAT WORK USING THINGS UP!

    Sft x

  8. Hi once more, I did make these bags myself. I do a lot of sewing, especially since I am not working anymore.
    I have innstalled a translator on my side bar, so I hope you will be able to follow.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Hi hope you had a lovely weekend. I am going to take your advice. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I never intended to put it down. Its really helped though. Thanks so much x x