Saturday, 8 October 2011

I succumed to the heating only because......

the grandchildren were coming to stay. To tell you the truth I would have happily not turned the heating on for a while yet. But I went into the living room today and thought it felt quite chilly. I mentioned to Hubby I was going to put the heating on for the grandchildren because I thought they might feel the chill when Hubby declared, he was feeling cold and had felt cold yesterday too! Now my Hubby declaring he feels chilly is unheard of . He is the one who every year lives in t-shirts in the house and declares it is warm and we don't need the heating on so high. He wanted the heating on! I was shocked. I have not felt the cold in the house yet. I only had a t-shirt on today with a hoody and I was really warm and reluctant to put the heating on. Daughter No 2 and her boyfriend were commenting on how they were chilly the other day and when  I said "it's not cold. Move around a bit more, you won't feel the chill" Daughter No2 reminded me it was only two years ago I was always feeling the cold . True. I had this thing where I had to have the central heating set to 21degrees or above! Then last year I started to take control of the thermostat and would not let it go above 20 degrees even when it was really cold. I think I have finally acclimatised to cooler temperatures and I honestly am not feeling the cold at the moment and will put a fleece on first rather than the heating. Once the grandchildren return home to Leeds tomorrow the heating  is off and if we feel chilly its a fleece blanket and a thick dressingown or jumper on thank you! We can do this a bit longer if you ask me. I really think the rest of them are getting softer as I'm getting tougher.


  1. I understand where you are coming from. A couple of weeks ago my sister and her husband came by for the evening. They were only in tshirts and we used to have their heating on at home for their small children. I was warm but everyone else was cold. I was shocked. OH put the heating on for about 20 minutes. I felt guilty but I just kept thinking it wasnt that cold. It has been chilly the last few nights but OH and I have been using throws to keep warm. OH said he was cold this morning watching the GP but darent put the heating on as I would tell him off. I feel a bit bad now. I said that as long as it was passed 1 October that was fine as last year he turned the heating on early September!!

  2. I've given in and lit the fire, I needed to dry laundry and keep the house aired

  3. We only give one room a quick blast with a fan heater at the moment. We've not really felt a chill yet but we do tend to keep on the move until the evenings. I wonder who will be the last to succumb.
    Love from Mum

  4. We've succumbed but as our heating is from free wood I don't feel too bad!

    We had our multi-fuel burner lit from 11am until bedtime yesterday-As soon as my parents arrived my mum looked so cold I couldn't resist!

    Today and now we feel warm so no need to put it on.

    Sft x

  5. No heating here yet, and I couldn't put it on even if I wanted to because we have 2 radiators missing - 1 for replacement and 1 because we are decorating. I haven't used any sort of heating since February as I really haven't felt the need. We just put a fleece on or snuggle under a throw.