Thursday, 13 October 2011

I'm here

Snuggled under my nice warm fleece with no heating on. Had a busy day with mandatory training for work. I hate this time of year. All my mandatory training needs doing in October/November and there's a lot to do with the NHS. I've another day of training on Monday, can't wait until it's all done. I've noticed a lot of blogs doing  a  MY A-Z, so here's mine.

Age - 47
Bed Size - King size
Chores I hate - Ironing
Dog - Labrador
Essential start to day - Cleaning teeth. Can't do anything until my teeth are cleaned
Favourite colour - Plum
Gold or silver - Both, depends on what I'm wearing
Height - 5ft6
Interests - Cooking, dog walking, voluntary work & reading cookery books
Job Title - Nursing assistant
Kids - 3 daughters
Live - North Yorkshire
Mothers name - Maureen
Nickname - Moody cow (by Hubby) Kaz when I was younger
Overnight hospital stay - Maternity
Pet peeves - Bad manners
Quote from a film - Surley it was a good way to die, in the place of someone I loved. Noble even. That ought to count for something.        Bella, Twilight
Right/left handed - Right
Siblings - 1 brother
Time you wake - 7.00am
Underwear - white & flesh
Vegetables you hate - None. Not come across any veg I hate yet.
What makes you late - Traffic
X Rays - Teeth
Yummy food I make - Pizza from scratch
Zoo Animal - Prairie dog, they are so funny with their squeaks

My favourite colour


  1. I'm with you on Essential start to day, the first thing I do on a morning is clean my teeth.

  2. I'm NHS and I have all those updates to do as well. I think they must be having a purge as we 've all been told this week what to do .