Monday, 10 October 2011

Menu Week 10/10/11

MONDAY - Homemade lasagne, salad and homemade bread (did not have this last week so brought it into this weeks menu)
  • Roasted garlic chicken, corn-on-cob, salad, pasta & coleslaw with homemade bread
  • Beef casserole, mash, greens and Yorkshire puddings or dumplings
  • Roast pork, apple sauce, potatoes, vegetables
  • Homemade pizza, homemade coleslaw & wedges
  • Sausages, mash, veg and onion gravy
  • Homemade fish cakes, chips and peas/beans 
Had a productive morning in the kitchen. Used  a lot of bits to clear out the fridge before I went shopping. Made a panful of colcannon soup using up half a savoy cabbage, a couple of leeks and some potatoes. Had this for lunch with a bagel sandwich daughter left in the fridge a few days ago. Made a beef lasagne and made myself a tuna lasagne using up half a tin of tuna that had been in the fridge a couple of days and a handful of mushrooms I had. I also added the remains of our Saturday night fajita vegetables. I also made a batch of hot cross buns for breakfasts.

Stuck to what I said I'd do on Sunday and turned the heating off again. To be honest I think it's been very mild today and I was actually very warm in the house and opened the door when ironing this afternoon.

Bought another Christmas present today for daughter No1 (won't say what in case she reads this) The item was on offer so thought I'd have one at the price. Need to find my wrapping paper in the loft so I can get wrapping. I like to wrap presents as soon as I buy them. It saves me from having to spend ages wrapping and getting bored with it.

Any xmas prep done at yours yet?


  1. Only got one present left to buy and that its proving hardest of all. Not going overboard this year and we have been invited out for Christmas Day so should have cheapish food bill. Its such a lot to spend for one day.

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  3. I am getting there with my Christmas presents. Going to start wrapping during Half Term.

    Your menu looks delicious. Wow!

    Could I have the recipe for tuna lasagne please.

    Sft x

  4. I'm going Christmas shopping with daughter next week so, hopefully, she will be of help choosing other presents for other members of the family as I'm no use at all. I'm making quite a lot of material Christmas bags for wrapping the presents this year and hope to be wrapping paper free when I've used all my wrapping paper stash from previous years. I love the run up to Christmas, don't you?
    Love from Mum

  5. Hi Miss Piggy Bank. Wow only one present to get! You are doing great.

    Hi Paul Austin. Thanks for visiting my blog. I only talk on my blog.

    Hi Sft. Will get the tuna lasagne recipe to you tomorrow, bit short of time today.

    Hi Mum. I love the sound of your material Christmas bags. You must show us on your blog. To be honest I hate all the run up to Christmas but once I'm all sorted I love it.

  6. Hi Karen. My 6-year-old daughter and I are working on a craft project for Christmas - we collected a huge bagful of pine cones and once they've dried out, we're spray painting and glittering them (technical term) for Christmas presents. I've been keeping my eye out for decorative bowls and baskets in the charity shops; they'll be filled with golden pine cones and gold chocolate coins, cellophaned up and given as gifts to the grandmas/aunties at Christmas time!

  7. Hi Frugal Wife. I used to spray pine cones and sprinkle glitter on them when I was a kid for Christmas decorations. You brought it all back to me with your comment. What a lovely idea for a Christmas gift.

  8. Anything involving glitter + glue = count us in!

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  10. Paul Austin - DONT CONTACT HIM!