Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Having a moan

Whatever I said a few days ago about being better with my cold did not hold. I actually felt terrible after that posting and it has taken me a few days to get myself together and feel ok to blog. All last weekend was taken up with me sleeping and not feeling up to doing much of anything due to my really bad cold. I can't believe the crap time I've had this week with work, training and just trying to catch up with life has had on me!

I started to feel like a human being today after many days of crap.I had an horrendous night last night taking a bank nurse out on our rounds around Leeds last night. She asked if I would drive which I said no problem. After an horrendously busy night I arrived back at base 45 minutes after my night shift had finished. Then to have another hours drive back home. I had not eaten in over10 hours and I was fit to burst because my shift had been so busy I had not been able to empty my bladder in over 10 hours! We had not had a break in over 10 hours and they wonder why the NHS is not working! No wonder I want to get out of the NHS!

After calling the kids to inform them I wouldn't be back before they left for school/college I had a long drive before I arrived home. On arriving home the dog needed taking out and feeding before I could contemplate having any sleep.Slept crap because the electricity cut off for a moment in our village ( a regular occurrence in our village) ended in me being woken at 12.30 in the day with the alarms ringing in the village and our alarm beeping in the house because our electricity had been turned off. So end of my moan and on to other stuff.

Bought these lovely squashes when I nipped into Morrisons the other day. They were only 50p each and I knew exactly what to make with them. The lady at the checkout said they were too pretty to eat.
I cut one in half and scooped out the seeds. In the cavity I grated a clove of garlic, added a knob of butter and seasoned well. One half I added some sage and the other half I added some chopped rosemary. Both herbs were from the garden. I baked these until tender, the smell in the kitchen was lovely. When cooked I scooped out the pulp and mixed with some feta cheese and returned to the oven for 10 minutes. A lovely autumnal meal.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather, I hope you're feeling much better now, though I shouldn't wonder if that night shift knocked you back again. Those squash look so pretty, it's a shame to eat them but your meal sounds delicious.

  2. Poor Karen! What a cr*p time you've had recently.

    Hope it improves soon.

    I agree with Jo, the meal sounds delicious.

    Sft x