Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nothing much of a day

Had quite a nice sleep after my night shift. Daughter No3 took the dog out for his walk this afternoon so I didn't have to get up and take him out. Daughter No2 was busy at the hairdressers she works at usually at weekends. Wanted to prune some trees in the front garden today but I never seem to have much energy after a night shift so shall tackle them tomorrow. Had an evening tea of Fragrant pork rice one pot. This is a very frugal meal needing only a few main ingredient, sausages, rice, tin tomatoes and half an onion. Was a request from Daughter No 2 this week. The recipe is here    we had this with some homemade bread.

Nothing much happened today. It's been a quiet day and I hope to have a more productive day tomorrow. To tell you the truth, a none productive day is quite a lovely day and a rare day here!

Must just finish on a high. So pleased with my views on my blog each day, I'm up to about 150 a day which is a big increase on my blog. Thanks to all who view. Much appreciated.


  1. It sounds like you needed a good rest, I'm sure you'll get loads done today!

    Congrats on your pageviews!

    Sft x

  2. Ahh, you've just reminded me that I've gotta cut some trees back this week too. If it ever stops raining...

    Glad to have found your blog, I'll stop by again soon! :)

  3. I love having days where I don't do much, they're very rare though as I don't find it easy to relax really, I need to be on the go with one thing or another.

  4. Sometimes a 'lazy day' is good for you. After my lazy days with Bold I have done more today - cleaning, bread making, baking and a trip out with KL and my mum this afternoon.