Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello fellow Bloggers and how are you this fine Halloween? Must admit I have always hated the constant knocking on the door of every child in the village and I think I have only ever taken my girls trick or treating once. They have always gone with friends parents or with big sis when she was old enough to take them. Then when they were old enough they used to go out with friends. I know it's good fun for the kids and they love it but myself I hate it. So this year I have bought no sweets and I'm off out for the night to the local pub with one of the daughters and having a cheap pub meal and keeping away from any trick or treaters. I know, I'm a miserable cow but I don't care. Daughter No3's going out with friends to trick or treat. She was not that bothered for going but friends wanted her to go with them.


MONDAY - Off to pub
TUESDAY - Chicken & leek pie, roast potatoes and vegetables
WEDNESDAY - Seafood risotto
THURSDAY - Spaghetti bolognese & homemade garlic bread
FRIDAY - Sausage, mash, vegetables and onion gravy
SATURDAY - Chicken/tofu fajitas
SUNDAY - pork, apple sauce, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables

When I did my shop in Aldi today they were selling a roll of brown packaging paper for £1.49.

The roll is 15meters long. What I plan to do is print Christmas images on the paper using potatoes and paint then use it to wrap presents. Will update you with the finished wrapping paper.


  1. We haven't even carved a pumpkin this year. Eleanor has been for a singing lesson and she's got drama for the rest of the evening, and Daniel, at 16, isn't in the slightest bit bothered about it all. Your wrapping paper idea sounds fab, can't wait to see it. Enjoy your pub meal.

  2. Don't blame you. Last year we went out but this year have invested in one packet of Club biscuits, that way if there are any left, we can have them as a treat.

  3. I've baked this afternoon, so if anyone does come knocking they can have a piece of chocolate covered flapjack, a cornflake cake or nothing! My coffee and walnut buns are too good for trick or treaters! The brown paper is very good value - love the potato printing idea. When I was teaching I had the children make printing blocks with string glued onto card - they were really effective too. Can't wait to see your finished paper. Hope you enjoy your meal out. x

  4. I printed some leaves onto brown paper for my Dad's birthday present recently and it worked really well. There's a tutorial on my blog if you want a look but it's pretty easy. I'm going to try printing holly leaves for Christmas!

  5. I love brown paper - it's classy, versatile and creative. And a piece of twine or knitting wool looks great too. Look at this inspiring decluttering clip from Peter Walsh: