Thursday, 29 September 2011

Too hot!

I'm sprawled on my bed blogging and trying to keep cool. Can't believe this mini heatwave we're having. My feet are burning hot and I'm contemplating running an inch or two of cold water in the bath and dipping my feet in to cool them. We ate our evening meal in the garden today because the weather was so gorgeous and it was lovely. Decided to have the roast chicken. I bashed two cloves of garlic and slid them under the skin with a knob of butter and placed half an onion in the chicken cavity to roast. It gave the chicken a subtle garlic taste. They had the chicken with homemade coleslaw and a mixed salad with roasted peppers and sauteed potatoes. I made a cheese and pesto loaf to have with dinner too.
I spread red pesto over half the dough and sprinkled on a layer of cheese then folded this over and sealed the edge.
It was a really nice loaf to have with our meal. Left over chicken now mixed with mayo and sweetcorn and in sandwiches for the girls tomorrow.
Well, I can't stand it any longer. Off to cool my feet!


  1. That loaf looks absolutely delicious. It's another scorcher today and I've been stood in the kitchen making cottage pies and lasagne to go in the freezer, I must be mad.

  2. Sounds delish especially the savoury loaf.
    Love from Mum

  3. Isn't it a treat, being able to eat in the garden!

    Sft x