Friday, 9 September 2011

Autumn TV

I love autumn. All the good programmes are on the TV. Saturday is my favourite TV night this time of the year. Strictly come dancing, The X Factor. Downton Abbey and Spooks is back next week too. 
 What a selection! Can't beat snuggling under a blanket watching my fave programmes whilst it's dark and miserable outside.

I got a bargain today at the charity shop. A large gravy boat in perfect condition for £1.00. This will be great at Christmas

for the gravy as my gravy boat is quite small and I have to keep constantly filling it up. So this is a very useful bargain which will get used.

Well lots of expense on my car over the next few days. Tomorrow Hubby will take my car to get two new tyres and see if a puncture can be repaired. I'm having to have the tyres done because the car goes in for it's MOT on Monday and Hubby said the tyres won't pass the test. Also having a service on the car whilst it's in for the MOT so dreading the cost of all this because I know there will be some jobs that need doing for the car to pass its MOT.


  1. I'm really looking forward to Downton Abbey and Spooks, though I'm a bit sad as this is the last series of Spooks. Mick's car got a puncture this morning, but he got it sorted straight away. It's a company car so he doesn't have to pay, thank goodness. My car is due in for it's MOT though, and I'm sure I won't get away without having to have anything done as it's getting rather old now so things are starting to go. I'm just hoping that the cost is minimal.

  2. downton abbey !! can't wait. the gravy boat was a good find :-)