Monday, 12 September 2011

Menu Week 12/09/11

MONDAY - Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy

TUESDAY -Battered fish, chips and mushy peas

WEDNESDAY - Beef casserole, Mashed potatoes and vegetables

THURSDAY - Summer in winter chicken casserole & vegetable rice

FRIDAY -Fish in butter sauce, potatoes green beans and carrots

SATURDAY - Homemade pizza, chips and homemade coleslaw

SUNDAY - not sure yet

Took my car to the next village to us for it's MOT this morning. Walked home as it's only a mile away and arrived back very windswept and hot. I'd gone prepared with walking boots on and a waterproof coat to discover it was very mild today. Anyway, my car passed with flying colours so walked the mile back to pick my car up. This time I only wore a cardigan and took the dog with me so he could get a walk. Gosh the wind was a lot stronger than this morning. I arrived at the garage looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards! So pleased my car passed it's test as it's 7 years old this month. Don't have to worry about it for another year now.

Well with all these strong winds my washing is getting dry super quick. Shall start to bring it in and get the lot ironed and out of the way. Might even mow the lawns if the ironing doesn't take too long.

Daughter No3 just arrived home from school and informed me some fencing between us and our neighbour has been blown down and the Birch tree has snapped.
Lets hope we don't get too much more damage. The wind seems to be getting stronger.

Bye for now x

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  1. Glad to hear your car passed it's MOT, keep your fingers crossed for mine. Part of the garage roof over the road from us blew off yesterday, and my greenhouse is in bits. It's still windy today.