Thursday, 15 September 2011

Horrible Job

Hate defrosting the freezer, it's a horrible job! Did not get around to defrosting it last weekend so got on with the job today. It took ages. I had 3 bowls with boiling water in them which I placed on the shelves of the freezer. As it started to thaw I then had loads of water dripping to the bottom of the freezer which had to be wiped up fast. I had bath towels on the floor catching water that was escaping. Got through a total of 3 towels. In between all this mopping up I had to keep boiling water to replace water that had gone cold. FINALLY!
I had a lovely clean frost free freezer. It's quite empty now so some of the drawers are empty, to not waste energy I stuff pillows in the empty drawers. A freezer works more efficiently if it's full.

I have had a very busy day with giving the house a good clean. Bedding changed on one of the double beds. Got two loads of washing done because it was a lovely warm day. Made pizza bases and part cooked them then froze them for our meal on Saturday.

I also cleaned the dog! Boy did he smell. So with it being a lovely warm day I took him into the downstairs shower room and gave him a lovely warm shower complete with lovely smelly stuff. He was not really enjoying the pampering session. It amazes me how he will jump in lakes and smelly dikes quite happily but needs to be dragged under the shower. The end result was a lovely clean and fresh smelling dog.
  One wet dog enjoying his treat for being good in the shower.


  1. Awww, bless him. He looks lovely and clean. We've got an American style fridge/freezer and it never needs defrosting, thank goodness. I've just acquired a small freezer from my mum and dad with them moving house which I'll use for the gluts from the allotment, but that does get frosted up so I'm not looking forward to having to defrost that.

  2. hi
    your freezer looks great and clean.our freezer need a defrosting,but i will wait on colder days because the freezer is full.
    sweet dog!
    have a wonderful weekend,