Thursday, 22 September 2011

A morning in my life

Thanks to all who took the time to view my blog. Sorry not much new to read over the last couple of days. Daughter No3 got me thinking with her comment yesterday that once I'd done a bit of this and a bit of that I could have the rest of the day to myself. If only. There never seems to be enough hours in a day for me. So I thought I'd show her what I get up to in a section of my day while she is at school.

7.20am - Got up and stripped the bed.

Got myself dressed and ready then loaded the washing machine with a load of whites and set to wash.
Measured out dogs food for the day then made dogs breakfast.

Made daughters pack up
Then I turned into a hairdresser.
Had to transform this frizz bomb into....

these smooth locks. Then onto making breakfast for us.
After breakfast it was to the compost bin with yesterdays veg and fruit scraps and into the compost bin they went.
Then to the front garden with the recycle bins because today is collection day.
I then took Sherlock for his morning walk.
Back to wash the breakfast pots.
Hung out the whites to dry.
Then cleaned the downstairs shower room and the upstairs bathroom. Then onto Daughter No3's bedroom to strip her bed and change her summer quilt for a winter quilt. Onto my room to make
my bed and collect a second load for the washing machine and empty waste bins.
10.00am - Time for a tea break and a quick look at my online banking. So daughter of mine this is a couple of hours so far in my day. On with the ironing next! Won't bore you all with my whole day hehe. Just wanted daughter to see how much gets crammed into a few hours of my day.

Daughter No2's treat

Daughter No2 never shows much interest in cooking but tonight after tea she asked if she could make an apple pie. Not one to discourage any cooker learning in my house I told her to get on with it. Out came the Be-Ro book for the pastry recipe and we both prepared a big pan of granny smiths to cook.   ( these were the apples we were given by an elderly friend the other week)  She did it all herself and with extra pastry left made a jam tart with some quince jam we had in the cupboard.

She then toddled off to the village shop to get some ice-cream to have with it but they didn't have any so she brought back some double cream which she whipped up and we had a lovely supper of apple pie and cream. Yummy it was too.

Whilst daughter made her pie I sliced a gammon I had boiled just before tea.

I got lots of meat for sandwiches over the weekend. I also used some leftover chicken to make a sandwich filling for the girls tomorrow of chicken, sweetcorn and mayonnaise. I made enough for 3 sandwiches so there's enough if Hubby wants one for work too. A rather productive  and enjoyable day.


  1. Your daughter sounds like my lot, I'm sure they think the fairies come in while they're out and do all the housework. If only, eh?

  2. And that's only the start of the day! We've not got fairies at our house either. There's someone here who does it though - I wonder who that could be?
    Love from Mum

  3. You were a busy lady! The apple pie looked beautiful! I miss baking since we've been low carbing. :(