Thursday, 31 March 2011


Blimey, what a windy day it's been. The wind was so strong here we had dirt blowing off the fields making it very difficult to see when I was out with the dog walking. Had to turn away from the fields and walk where there was a bit of a wind break from hedges and trees.

When the youngest daughter came home from school she went up to her bedroom and came straight back downstairs demanding to know who had opened her bedroom window. Told her I had earlier this morning. Her bedroom was covered in black dust from the wind blowing dirt in from the fields. The cloth she wiped her room over with was filthy. I could not believe how much muck had blown in on the wind. Glad I didn't have any washng on the line today, it would have been filthy.  Did you have these super strong winds today?

On my menu plan tonight, tea was to be pork with veg and mash but I just did not fancy mash (don't even like mash really) or steamed veg so I changed things a little. I did steam vegetables but mixed them with a cheese sauce and topped with breadcrumbs I made from a few crusts and mixed into them some grated cheese. I baked this in the oven for 20 minutes. They had pork with a sage and onion crumb with it and I had a salmon fillet I found in the freezer. It was really nice and tasty.

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  1. The wind was awful yesterday, it blew some panes out of the greenhouse again. Thank goodness it didn't last, it's calm again today. You don't like mash? It's my favourite potato.