Friday, 18 March 2011

Decluttering week 1

These are the things I gathered after a bit of a clear out when transferring cupboard contents to the utility cupboards. There is a jumper and bag and a few school shirts too. I am going to take a bag of things each week to  the charity shop I volunteer in and rid our home of unwanted and unused items. The wine glasses are too large, you can nearly fit half a bottle of wine in them so never get used anymore and are just cluttering a cupboard. My daughters wardrobe and drawers shall be sorted through this weekend so that will be my bag for next week.

Spent the afternoon giving the house a tidy then went in the garden. Mowed the front and back lawns, their first cut of the year. Amazing how much tidier a garden looks with cut lawns. Had a good tidy around and pulled out a rather sad looking lavender bush which I will replace with a new bush because I love the smell and it attracts lots of bees.


  1. Why don't you try to sell them. A small notice on a local noticeboard. Some one frugal may just be looking for one of your items. And they look in such great condition.

    $10 in your pocket would mean money for 2 lovely dinners at home :-)

  2. Hi Frugal Down Under.
    I know I should really sell any unwanted items. I just took the easy option of getting rid of them quickly. I keep meaning to sell stuff on e-bay (do you have this selling site down under?) but never get round to it. I will get organised one day and start selling.