Monday, 7 March 2011

Mushroom update 2

Well the little chappies are doing really well. Just four days since my last picture and they just  keep growing. Could be picking by next week. Only thing not sure about is watering them. Surely they will start to dry out  but the instructions don't mention anything about topping them up with water so not sure what to do. Think I'll have to have a google on growing mushrooms tomorrow and see if I can find any info on it.

Went shopping in Aldi today and noticed they still had a few mushroom kits. Wish I'd bought another now to put away for when this one finishes. Will call in next time I pass a grab one if there are any left. Will keep you updated on the little chappies progress.

So pleased with the weather at the moment. I actually went dog walking with only a fleece on today, it was so warm. Yesterday was just as warm and I stupidly went dog walking with my big winter weatherproof coat and ended up stripping the thing off because I was so hot. I think I can finally say, SPRING IS HERE!

Bye for now : )


  1. I don't know about spring being here, it's sunny today but the car was covered in frost when we got up and it's absolutely freezing. Your mushrooms are doing really well, can't wait to see what you make with them.

  2. Must admit it was freezing this morning when I took dog for his walk at 7.00am.

  3. I am watching your mushrooms eagerly as I have bought the very same kit!!! Looking good so far though....And I agree that the weather is delightful ;o)I had a cardigan instead of a thin fleece and a weatherproof coat...however there is talk of snow this week... which isn't really unusual as I have quite a few photos of the children playing in the snow in early March...we will have to ait and see!