Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shroves Tuesday

Have you had pancakes today? I made a big pile of pancakes yesterday because I am too busy today doing my voluntary job. All I needed to do today was make a filling and reheat. First we had stuffed pancakes. I made a filling by sauteing onion and garlic until soft then add spinach until wilted. To this I added a tub of ricotta cheese,  grated parmesan cheese and some cooked bacon bits. I placed a spoonful onto each pancake and folded into a triangle. These were placed into an ovenproof dish and topped with grated cheese. I covered with foil and placed in oven for 25 minutes. These were served with a tomato sauce I made and a salad.

For dessert we had pancakes with lemon and sugar. Daughter No2 had chocolate spread on hers.
Right, time to go. Off to do my night shift now. Bye for now.


  1. Both types of pancakes sound delicious!!!! Heres to Lent when I give up all the nice things til Easter!!!

  2. We only ever have lemon and sugar on ours. None for us yesterday though.