Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Spoilt again

How long can this gorgeous weather keep going. We are being spoilt so early in the year. Think it's to change here Friday so I shall have some time in the garden tomorrow before we go back to cloudy miserable days.

Took Sherlock for a walk this afternoon and it was so warm. He was running around but I took a break

under a tree and sat on a log relaxing for five minutes. It was so warm and I was just enjoying the peace and quiet. Saw my first Tortoiseshell butterfly of the year. Tried to take a picture but I pressed the close button by mistake and it flew off. Me and gadgets!

Look at the colour of Sherlocks paws after he had a paddle in a very muddy puddle. Glad he didn't roll in it!

Can't delay it any longer, got to go and iron or noone will have ironed shirts for work or school tomorrow.

See you soon


  1. Awww, Sherlock looks like he's had a good run. It was so warm today, more like summer weather than the weather we usually get in March, we're definitely being spoilt.

  2. I'd love to be that dog. Happy and free looking. Loving Life!!