Sunday, 13 March 2011

Menu Week 14/03/11

MONDAY - Omelet, salad and jacket potatoes

TUESDAY - Spaghetti bolognese and home made garlic bread

WEDNESDAY - Fish pie, peas, green beans and carrots

THURSDAY - Turkey Jambalaya

FRIDAY - Salmon fishcakes, wedges, peas or salad

SATURDAY - Chicken/ Tofu fajitas

SUNDAY - Roast chicken, potatoes, yorkshire puddings, stuffing and vegetables

 We've had a busy day stripping out the kitchen completely and removing all the tiles.

A very messy  dusty job. The hard bits done now, next job is to get the electrician in and the plasterer. Now I have no hob for cooking on so it was out with the camping stove, gas bottle refilled and voila! my new hob.
I cooked a Sunday roast today in my temporary kitchen with my camping stove and I had no problems. A bit less space but managed fine. I still have my electric oven so could roast the pork and potatoes and make yorkshire puddings. Brings back memories of camping last summer using my stove.


  1. Cant wait to see the new kitchen x

  2. Looks like it's all systems go now. Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen.

  3. I can't wait for my kitchen!!! Guess I'm lucky I've got the utility to use, it would be a nightmare otherwise.