Friday, 25 March 2011

Slight Blip

Had another day at the charity shop I volunteer at. Got another top to add to my collection to try to build up my wardrobe.

This one cost me £2.20. I remember last year around this time stashing away clothes I bought in the charity shop in a size 12. Then each week as I lost weight I would try them on to see if they would fit. Was great when I could fit into them all and I ended up with a good summer wardrobe at very little cost. Will keep trying my existing wardrobe on each week until I can get them all to fit again.

Not doing too bad today with the healthy eating. had a little blip when I got rather stressed at the state of the house after work had been done on it today. So I succumbed to a couple of biccies. Well, maybe four! Then I had tea at mum and dads and had a vegetable pie that mum had made that was lovely and tasty but not low in calories! I am on- call at home tonight, so if I don't get called out I shall be able to sleep so will have all of tomorrow to do stuff like make some more no fat soup for the weeks lunches instead of spending the day sleeping.


  1. It's so stressful having work done, isn't it? I remember when we had our extension built, we lived in dust for weeks.

  2. cute top! love the idea of finding rewards in your own closet.