Thursday, 17 March 2011

Leftovers lunch

Sorry not blogged for a few days, you know how it is. People to see, places to go. Before you know it days have passed and you wonder where have all the days gone.

Looked in the fridge today to see what I could muster up for lunch. Had some leftover mash from the fish pie last night and a bit of veggie bolognese from Tuesdays tea. Was inspired by Gregg Wallace on Great British Food Revival on BBC2 last night to make gnocchi with the leftover mash.

I mixed the mash with some plain flour and made long sausage shapes which I cut into about 1inch pieces then did the traditional gnocchi marks with a fork.

I popped them into a pan of salted boiling water and let them do their thing. Gregg said on the TV programme they would float when ready which they did. I drained them and had them with the leftover bolognese and a sprinkle of cheese.

So this is my lunch today using leftovers from the fridge. Will sit at the computer eating this whilst I write my blog. It was very filling, could not manage it all so the bit that's left will be given to the birds.

Sherlock my lazy dog
My dog Sherlock is never far away when foods about so wondered where he was whilst I was eating my lunch. I found him sprawled in a sunny spot catching a few rays. What a life. He'd easily devour my leftover gnocchi but sorry Sherlock you need to loose a few pounds so out to the birds it's going.


  1. I see you are a veggie that eats fish. I am fully veggie but I will be looking at your blog daily for some cooking inspiration. That gnocchi looks nice.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Justine. Keep popping in as I'm always trying new ideas with food. I try to make something new each week just to stop us getting bored.

  3. Ahhh, Sherlock isn't daft he's making the most of the bit of sun he can find, it doesn't appear too often. What a gorgeous dog. I've never made, or eaten, gnocchi. Your lunch looks delicious, it's amazing what you can knock up out of a few leftovers.