Monday, 28 March 2011

Mushroom update 3

Thought I'd give you an update on the mushrooms progress.

Well we have another good batch growing. These should be ready to harvest at the weekend. The only problem I have found with these mushroom kits is the yield is all at once then I am waiting weeks for the next lot to grow. I think mushroom kits would be best done with two kits at once then you would not be waiting so long in between harvests. The kit does not tell you to keep topping up with a little water. I found it slows their growth if it starts to dry out. I just trickle a little water over the surface when it's feeling a little dry.

Being on the subject of fungi, just passed these beauties on my walk with the dog.

They were growing on a large pile of horse manure outside some stables. Now I would never pick any mushrooms I came across because I have not got a clue what's poisonous and what's not but it got me thinking. I would love to go on a mushroom picking course which teaches you the good from the bad of the fungi world. Well, one day will have to look into that and see how much these courses cost.   

Earlier in the year I started a pot of salad leaves which I have been growing in the conservatory.

 They are a mix of different leaves and you just cut off what you need and they keep growing back. We have been eating these for a few weeks now.

Had some tonight with a jacket potato, coleslaw and an omelet. 


  1. I've never known anyone have so much success with these type of mushroom kits. I'm fascinated by fungi but I wouldn't dare pick any to eat either. Your salad leaves look to be doing well for you.

  2. Yummy looking dinner.

    If you pick the mushies you might end up on a magic ride full of purple swirls :-)

  3. Haha, you make me laugh. Your such a fun person.

  4. i am a farmer at heart but live in the suburbs. growing these would make this inner farmer very happy. psilocybe cubensis syringe