Thursday, 3 March 2011

Productive day

Checked on my mushroom kit today to see if anything was happening and look!

I got baby mushrooms growing! Hope they don't take ages to get to full size. The sage I planted last week has also started to grow so I put the pot in the conservatory to get a bit more light. Had an afternoon in the garden yesterday giving it a good tidy. Filled the garden waste bin but that got emptied this morning so can get on with filling it some more. I need to concentrate on digging over the veg patch and getting some weeding done next.

Had a productive baking day today.
Made a batch of hot cross buns, fruit scones, cheese scones, pizza bases, a baguette and a pesto baguette. Also made the coleslaw for tea and the pizza base sauce which I'll put in the fridge for Saturday. Inbetween baking got 3 loads of washing done, stripped and remade a bed, walked dog for an hour and did a bit of ironing and vacced. Phew! wipes brow, flops in chair shattered to write blog. It's now 5.10pm and I will be off again soon to start making tea.


  1. Blimey, you're going to meet yourself coming back, you put me to shame. How exciting to have mushrooms growing, I've heard mixed reviews about these kits so it's good to see it's working. Your baking looks delish, I must get my breadmaker in action, I seem to go in fits and starts with it.

  2. Flipping heck you've had a full and productive day!!!!! I've bought one of those mushoroom !!

    Enjoy your weekend