Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bargain buys

Another fabulous day. Got two loads of washing out to dry. Getting a little shaded now the sun is moving round. Love to dry outside rather than have is draped over the airer in the dining room. Only got to iron this lot now! That can be tomorrows job.

Went to do my voluntary job today and with it being a lovely warm day struggled trying to find something to wear that I would not be too hot in. Having such a good clear out a while back and putting on some weight I just could not find anything to wear. This has made me determined to stick to my diet I started yesterday and loose some weight.

 I checked the rails today at work and got a couple of tops to wear. This black River Island top cost £3.10 and is in perfect condition.

I found this pretty Next blouse for £3.30 and this is also in perfect condition. So these are my bargain buys for today. I also put a dress and a skirt away to try another day.


  1. I love seeing a line full of washing, it's just not the same when it's been dried indoors. Ironing day for me too tomorrow.

  2. When the weather's good I take an extension lead into the garden and iron there. I did this all the time last year.It does make ironing a lot less painful.