Monday, 30 May 2011

Menu Week 30/05/11

MONDAY - Homemade salmon fishcakes, wedges & peas
ME - Same 

TUESDAY - Sausages, potato cakes, eggs, baked beans, grilled tomatoes & mushrooms
ME - Same with veggie sausages

WEDNESDAY - Fish in butter sauce, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots & broccoli
ME - Same with boiled potatoes

THURSDAY - Homemade roasted vegetables & cottage cheese Ravioli with a tomato sauce
ME - Same

FRIDAY - Breaded cod, chips & mushy peas
ME - Same

SATURDAY - Homemade lamb burgers, wedges & homemade coleslaw
ME - Same with Spicy bean burgers

SUNDAY - Toad in the hole, vegetables, roast potatoes & onion gravy
ME - Same with veggie sausages

Well, what a truly miserable day! It's pouring it down and silly me forgot to bring in all my washing hanging on the line last night and now it's all soaking wet. No plans for this Bank Holiday Monday. Hubby will continue to fit the new kitchen and I shall tackle a pile of ironing and may do some baking.

On the weight loss - 2lb lost this week. Could have been better. I succumbed to the tuck shop at work and had a packet of crisps and a small chocolate bar. I also nibbled some extra bits this weekend, slap my wrist. So I could have had a better loss but 2lb is better than nothing. Back on track today.

I made this lunch time River Cottage Lemon curd marble muffins

I didn't have any yogurt so I replaced it with extra milk and it seemed to work. They came out well but I did have a disaster with some of the muffins. I ran out of muffin cases so had to use bun cases which were rather small and the mixture overflowed  so these looked a bit of a mess and were excluded from the picture. I used my own homemade lemon curd in the recipe. I've resisted the urge to eat any and shall quickly get them in the freezer out of temptations way because they are for packups when the girls are back at school/college.

Are you up to anything exciting  on this Bank Holiday?


  1. Congratulations on the 2lb. They say that slow and steady is better than losing it all too quickly, and if you give yourself the occasional treat you'll stick at it more than if you're too strict with yourself. It's pouring with rain here. We were hoping to go to Duncombe Park to the country show that's on today, but we're not going in this weather. It's such a shame when events like this are organised and the weather lets it down. We're just debating what we're going to do now.

  2. Loosing weight is so very hard so well done you yey!!!! Those muffins look really lovely, I adore anything with lemon in, delicious.x