Monday, 16 May 2011

Menu Week 16/05/11

MONDAY - Savoury mince cobbler, steamed vegetables

TUESDAY - Salmon and pesto pasta bake & homemade garlic bread (using up leftover salmon from party & a jar of green pesto from hamper I got at christmas)

WEDNESDAY - Fish pie, peas and carrots (using more leftover salmon and some frozen fish from freezer)

THURSDAY - Casseroled chicken drummers, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes and yorkshire   puddings (using drummers leftover from party)

FRIDAY - Egg, chips and beans with bread & butter

SATURDAY - At my parent-in-laws Golden Wedding Anniversary party

SUNDAY - not sure yet

Been in Leeds all day on a course so I put the slow cooker to work this morning  to do its stuff. Before I left I threw in the slow cooker 2 chopped onions, a few mushrooms I found in the freezer, 500g minced beef, a tin of tomatoes, a handful of red lentils and a beef stock cube dissolved in 500mls of hot water and a good grinding of black pepper and a dash of wostershire sauce. This was left all day on low and was just thickened with a few gravy granules and I threw in some sweetcorn when I returned home. Before I thickened the mince I removed a bowlful of the mince and saved this for making another meal.

Cheese scones were made and I cut these with a small cutter to place a layer on the mince which I had transfered to a suitable dish to go in the oven. After 20 minutes the mince cobbler was ready to serve with steamed broccoli and spring cabbage. I had the same but made mine with soya mince.

 Nipped to the shop this morning on the way to my course to get some broccoli, tinned tuna and a loaf. Living out of the freezer and fridge and cupboards this week to save money and use stuff up. Freezers emptying nicely and the fridge is starting to look a bit bare now. I'm going to make some ratatouille tomorrow which will use up a couple of courgettes and a couple of peppers I have. Not sure when to eat this so that can go in the freezer and I might make stuffed pancakes with it Sunday or Monday next week. If I do this I can use some more of the cheese in the freezer to make a cheese sauce to pour on the pancakes then bake them in the oven. 

Have you had a good Monday?


  1. Ive had a day off work which is lovely!! Although I did do a 65 hour week that finished on Sunday so a day off was very much needed!!! Yummy sounding Menu

  2. My meal plan has gone out of the window. I am still eating out of the freezer but not in the order I'd planned. Nevermind :-)

  3. That looks delicious. I don't use my slow cooker as much as I should.

  4. Pistachio and Rose, wow what a hard week you had.

    Miss Piggy Bank, last week I mixed the days around on my meal plan. Some days you just don't fancy what you plan.

    Jo, My slow cooker gets used more in the winter. I'm slowing down on its use with the weather getting nicer.