Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day Out

Shibden Hall
We had an afternoon out with the girls and our granddaughter's this afternoon to Shibden Hall Park  We have never been here before and it turned out to be a really nice place to visit. We only spent £2.00 on parking so it's a very frugal day out. Parking is only £1.00 on week days unless it's school holidays.

We arrived just before lunch so decided to have a little walk around then have our sandwiches. The weather was very breezy and it was quite chilly. The park would be great to lay a mat on the grass and have a picnic or if you wanted they had many picnic tables. We ended up having our picnic in the car! It was bloody cold after our walk round the lake and it began to drizzle a bit so eating in the car was thought to be the best option.

We went to the children's park which was very good and Granddaughter No1 loved it. We saw a group of brave people venture onto the rowing boats, think I'll leave that for a warmer day. We would have
stayed a lot longer if the weather had been better but we eventually set off home when it began to rain heavily. This is one to revisit on a warm day in the school holidays.

Have you been anywhere nice this weekend?

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  1. I've never heard of Shibden Hall before, but it looks great for a day out. I'm jotting down all these places I come across, blogs are a great inspiration.