Monday, 2 May 2011

Menu Week 02/05/11

Meal planning is up in the air this week. Been so busy with DIY and sorting things for the party I have not had a chance to menu plan. I nipped into Aldi yesterday and bought a chicken so I will start the plan with a couple of chicken dishes.

MONDAY - Roast chicken, wedges, homemade coleslaw & salad

TUESDAY -  Omelet, chips & beans

WEDNESDAY - Leftover roast chicken in sauce on vegetable rice

THURSDAY -Leftover lasagne, salad & wedges


SATURDAY - wedding party!


So today I shall be busy cleaning the living room carpet. I shall dig the carpet cleaner out of the back of the garage and get this job done first. It's supposed to be a lovely day again so the sunshine shining through the living room window will dry the carpets quickly.

I may clean the dog too. Not with the carpet cleaner I might add! I shall give him a shower because he's a bit whiffy at the moment and he can lay in the sunshine and dry off.

I've a few bits of DIY I want to finish then I shall tackle a mound of ironing  this afternoon. What an exciting way to spend the bank holiday! Again!

Hope you all have a great bank holiday doing nice things.

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  1. I think you'll be able to fill in the gap on Sunday with leftovers from the party. It sounds like you're putting on a lovely spread but there's always something left.