Monday, 9 May 2011

Phew, what a busy weekend!

The Bride

Daughter No1 and her hubby arrived back in the UK Friday morning from Las Vegas. They had a great time but it was very stressful with two little ones. I was preparing food all day Friday in preparation of  the party on Saturday. My daughter and her hubby wore their wedding outfits to the party for a while so everyone could see the dress. Was going to post a picture of the happy couple but did not know how to turn the picture round on the computer. (I had taken a long photo) and my personal IT man (hubby) is working away today.

Well all the food turned out really well and I had a table full of goodies.
Wedding Buffet
I made all the desserts myself except the wedding cake and cupcakes. The chocolate fountain was a hit with all the children.
Chocolate Fountain
And guess what, I made too much food, just like I predicted. So we have been eating leftovers and today I decided to tackle the fridges and get rid of everything because I am sick of looking at food. Chicken drummers were portioned up and frozen for packed lunches. The gammon was portioned into bags for sandwiches and frozen.
I stripped the salmon off the bone (hardly any of the salmon was eaten) and froze three large portions of this and saved a forth portion to use for tea. The leftover prawns are to be used for tea and I bagged the cured meats.
Leftover cured meats
These were frozen and will be used for pizza toppings. I had loads of bread rolls left over and they were a bit stale.
Leftover bread rolls
I whizzed loads into breadcrumbs and stored in a bag in the freezer. Some were used for tea tonight. I also saved some of the rolls whole and froze them too. I will refresh them by quickly running water over them then wrap in foil and reheat in oven. They come out a lot fresher and soft.

So tea tonight was, leftover rice salad mixed with a beaten egg, lemon zest, parsley, prawns and salmon.

I rolled a handful of mixture into balls and coated with beaten egg then rolled in breadcrumbs and shallow fried.
Meal from leftovers
We had the salmon and prawn rice cakes with leftover potatoes which I roasted in the oven with a little oil drizzled over. The Salmon and prawn cakes turned out really well. They had a lovely slight lemon taste because of the zest I put in them. So I have a freezer still stuffed with lots of leftovers. I could not bear another leftover meal tomorrow so I nipped to Aldi this morning to get some fresh veg and some pork steaks and shall make a nice dinner tomorrow.

It was a very tiring weekend but very enjoyable and lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves. I'm in no rush to do it again for a while yet!

Bye for now x

Just found out Jo from   nominated me for this blog award. It's lovely to receive my first award and makes me happy that someone out there likes reading my ramblings. Thank you Jo. The rule is that I must be passed on to blogs with less than a 100 followers. I would like to nominate Miss piggy Bank,  She's not been blogging long but I really enjoy reading her blog.


  1. Your daughter looks gorgeous and her dress is beautiful. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. What a fantastic spread, no wonder there's a lot of left overs, you certainly didn't scrimp on the food. You're going to be eating very well for the foreseeable future.

  2. Dress looks great and so does the food !!