Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kitchen update

Well this is the stage the kitchen is at at the moment.

A room full of boxes. We have worktops in the back hallway and plinths in the dining room but hopefully a lot of this should be fitted by dear Hubby over this long bank holiday weekend. The units are already built so it makes the job a lot easier. Our missing parts were delivered today which I thought was rather quick. So still having to plod along with my camping stove for cooking for a while yet. Can't wait for my new hob. The camping stove does not go low enough on temperature and cooks things too fast or burns stuff if you don't constantly keep stirring it but I manage.

Went for an interview this afternoon for a job that is very similar to the one I am doing at the moment but it is a lot closer to home and would cut out a lot of travelling. I nipped to a charity shop this morning to try and find a smart jacket. I had looked in the shop I volunteer in when I worked Tuesday but we had nothing suitable. I found a jacket in the first shop I went in, tried it on and it fit perfectly, £5.00, bargain. It's a good quality Marks & Spencer one in very good condition. I now have my interview jacket which went great with my black trousers. 

The interview went very well and I could tell they were very impressed with my experience. The only down side was they are established in Harrogate but are branching out to the area I live in so need to build up staff before they can take on patients. This meant that there were no contracted hours until it was well established and meant they would only be able to offer work here and there to start with. They rang me at home at 4.45pm to say they would love to offer me the job. I did not accept the offer. I would have loved the job but I need contracted hours. Still it's all good experience for doing interviews and I was quite chuffed I got offered the job even though I didn't accept it. 

Hope you all had a good day, bye for now.                

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  1. Well done with your interview. Perhaps you can go back to them once they're established in your area. Well done on managing with the camping stove for so long, I'm sure you can see the end in sight though now and it'll be all worth it in the end.