Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Menu plan swap around

Did not fancy the meal I planned for today so will swap with tomorrows chow mein. Only had to buy a pepper for the chow mein all other ingredients I have in. I have a bag of prawns open in the freezer for myself and daughter No3 to have with ours and hubby will have some leftover party chicken in his. He hates prawns, says they look like slugs ha ha.

I do make my own sauces but have in a chow mein sauce I will use up tonight.

A hearty healthy filling tea in minutes. Lovely.

We are slowly getting through the party leftovers. The girls took sandwiches with the sliced gammon today and a sausage roll I cooked when I had the oven on last night. I have a bag of sausage rolls I made in the freezer and can just pop a couple in the oven when it's on for their lunches.Today I bagged up lots of cheese for the freezer. I want to try and use a lot of the leftovers and anything else in the freezer over the next  couple of weeks. This will help with not spending money and also clear the freezer because it could do with a defrost (not a job I enjoy doing)

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