Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blogger Maintenance

Glad blogger have finished their maintenance. Don't know what they have done but they have lost some comments viewers gave me, they have disappeared! It also buggered up me posting on a couple of days! Hope that's the last of it!

Being it Saturday I have spent most of the day in bed with doing a night shift last night. Hubby went to collect daughter No3 from Xscape in Castleford late this afternoon because she had been on a day out there to celebrate one of her friends 13th birthday. Thirteen teenagers descended on Xscape to celebrate this! Hubby then ventured into Leeds from there to collect the granddaughters to bring to ours for the weekend. I had just woken up when he called upstairs that he was going to collect daughter from Leeds so I got up and decided at 3.45pm I had better stat sorting tea out.

Dinner tonight was pizza (shop bought and left over from party last week;" How could I "from daughter No3, sorry!) Homemade chips, homemade onion rings then homemade fruit crumble and a pot of double cream leftover from the party a week ago. The use by date was today I might add, but I take no notice of this. If it smells good, I'm sure it must still taste good!

So, today I am using up a lot of leftovers. The pizzas as I have mentioned. I also made onion rings which use bread crumbs which I made earlier in the week with leftover bread rolls from the party. The crumble was made with some rhubarb from the Aldi specials last week for 59p.

I also used up some raspberries that were reduced last week that I used for the party. Just goes to show you how use by dates are a load of kack. The raspberries were reduced last week and a week later they were still perfect and edible! After stewing the rhubarb with some sugar and a drop of orange juice I added the raspberries and I also found a few frozen berries in the freezer.

This was all popped into the oven with a nice crumble mix I made on top.

A nice crumble and double cream finished the meal with leftovers for tomorrow.

We all sat and watched the Eurovision Song Contest and cheered along Blue but we never had a chance against the Eastern Europeans all voting for their neighbouring countries. Well done Blue, you did better for our country than anyone has done for some years now.


  1. My mouth is watering! I've never made anything like that. We also don't get any of those great prices that you get!

  2. Blogger has been annoying, hasn't it? I've lost lots of my comments too but I think they're supposed to be reinstating them today. If they don't then I'll copy and paste the comments from the emails. Your crumble looks delicious, I prefer crumbles to pies, I don't know why.