Thursday, 12 May 2011

New neighbour

Goldfinch in nest
We have a tree outside daughter No3's bedroom window and every year a lovely little Goldfinch comes to nest in the tree. Last year we we're upset because a magpie came and took the two baby chicks out of the nest and ate them! I'm hoping we will get to see the chicks grow fully this year and watch them fly the nest because we don't seem to have any magpies around this year. Think I've only seen the odd one, strange, wonder what's happened to them.

 I have added an image of Goldfinches so you can see what they look like. The picture I took does not show clearly how they look.

Nipped into Aldi this morning to get some lemons and they have asparagus in at only £1.00 a bunch.

I shall have some tonight with butter for a starter. It's the only asparagus I've bought this year.

I have had a morning of cooking. Daughter No3 requested more lemon curd to be made after she finished the last jar this morning. We are now stocked up with 3 jars to keep her happy. I also made 2 baguettes today and a batch of hot cross buns. Nobody home for tea tonight except daughter No3 and myself so we are just having the pasta mentioned on my meal plan, nice and easy.


Just went into the garden and a big gust of wind blew the Goldfinch nest out of the tree and the eggs got smashed. Poor bird does not have much luck nesting in this tree. They do make their nest in a very precarious place, right near the top of a branch. End of bird watch here.

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  1. I'll tell you what's happened to all the magpies, they're in my garden. Archie's been going mad all morning at one in the tree right outside the window, I couldn't shut him up. That's so sad about the goldfinch nest, we've got strong winds at the moment too. I have a couple of goldfinches which I see every so often but they're not regular visitors. They're such lovely colourful birds. Perhaps they'll make a new nest.