Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Been watching The Royal Wedding all morning. I did think they made a beautiful couple and it was lovely to watch. I was watching all on my own because hubby and the girls had gone kayaking with their kayaking club on the river.

Glad I was on my own because I go a bit emotional watching the wedding. I was emotional because my eldest daughter had just text me whilst the wedding was on to say they were just going to board their plane for their flight to America. It got me upset that they were going to America to get married and I would not be able to see her get married. It's how they wanted to get married and I hope they have a lovely time. I will make sure I give them a lovely party next week when they return.

Will be glad when all the party is sorted because my frugal good intentions are a bit in the air at the moment. I can't buy my usual weekly shop and then put it in the freezer because there is no space in the freezer to fit anything else in. I think we may have a lot of things left over from the party so we shall be living on leftovers if that is the case.

We shall have a very busy week  next week with getting ready for the party. Lots of cleaning and lots more food prep to do after a big shop on Thursday. Windows to clean and garden to tidy and plant up a bit more.

Hope your all enjoying your bank holiday. Up to anything good this evening to celebrate the wedding? I'm not, I'm working. Bye for now.

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  1. I loved the wedding, it was great. Congratulations for your daughters wedding, I'm sure she'll have a great day.