Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hiya, I'm still here

Sorry not posted for a few days. Just been so busy with life.

Tuesday the usual afternoon at the charity shop I volunteer in. I got a couple of bargains, two skirts for £3.00 each. The time of year has come when I have to bare my legs, oh no. My legs are pale  and I have a leg with a lot of broken veins which I acquired with my last two pregnancies. I slap on a little fake tan, only enough to give me a touch of colour not so I look like I've been Tangoed. I remember the days I used sunbeds on a regular bases in the early 80's and it makes me shudder now at the thought of it. I don't give a dam about having a glorious tan anymore. In my job I've nursed a young woman who eventually died because of skin cancer and it puts you off ever going near one of the things ever again. Deep down I do still worry about the damage I could have caused to my body and try to regularly check moles and freckles on my body for changes. Thankfully the craze to be constantly tanned does not seem to be an issue with the young these days. My older daughters happily go out pale and nobody gives a dam.

Today I have been covered in paint. I have painted from 9.30am until 5.30pm. I did not even take a lunch break, I quickly made a sandwich and ate in between painting.

The kitchen ceiling got two coats of paint and the rest of the kitchen got one coat. I shall give them a second coat over the weekend. I did undercoat on the woodwork after sanding down. I totally missed a glorious day but when jobs need to be done, they gotta be done!


  1. That's a productive day your having.

    It's 8:30am here. I've checked my emails and blog. Read all the blogs I follow. And now Dolly and I are getting ready to go to the Botanical Gardens to look at our plot and plant a few seeds. The Rambling Expat went off fishing and hopefully will no have another crocodile encounter.

    Our block of units is quiet as everyone partied last night. I love it when it's quiet like this. We too will eat a quick sandwich as we walk to the Gardens and aim to not get a sun-tan.

  2. hi - i painted today, then went for a drive to look at houses, tiny downsized ones, i'm now dreaming of 2012 and a tiny mortgage

  3. Well dont on the painting front!