Monday, 11 April 2011

Menu Week 11/04/11

MONDAY - Omelet, Jacket potato, salad and bread rolls. Semolina pudding with jam

TUESDAY - Spaghetti bolognese and home made garlic bread

WEDNESDAY - Roast chicken, home made coleslaw, Jacket spuds & salad

THURSDAY - Home made salmon fishcakes, wedges, peas or beans

FRIDAY - Chicken in sauce over vegetable rice

SATURDAY - Home made pizza, wedges and home made coleslaw

SUNDAY - BBQ  salad & breads

To use up the items in my challenge over the week I am going to make -

Chestnut puree - USED, made the chocolate & chestnut Torte

Couscous - Making couscous patties to have with salad for lunches

Semolina - having semolina milk pudding with homemade jam for after tea tonight

Ground rice - using some in a shortbread recipe I found

Yellow split peas - making this  which I can freeze and have for lunch.

Shall now go to Aldi and buy what I can there whilst daughter No2 goes for an interview in the shop next door. Then home, dog walking then out again to the White Rose Shopping Centre to get the girls some essential items of clothing and footwear for school.   Not looking forward to visiting the shopping centre because it is the school holidays and it will be VERY busy because of this. So my plan is to be as quick as possible in the place, the girls may have other plans though! They could spend all day walking round these centres.

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  1. I'm sure the White Rose will be packed, good luck. I can never just get in and out of there, Eleanor always wants to go in first one shop and then another.