Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wedding Party Plans

Well the party I mentioned in a previous post is for daughter No1 and her partner. They sprung on us four weeks ago that they are to marry but it will be in Las Vegas! Just the two of them and the two grandchildren are going. We would have loved to have gone but sadly can't afford to so I decided to have a party for the family to celebrate them getting married. We shall be having this party in 4 weeks, the day after they return from America.

I shall be making all the food and we shall be having it at our house so I am planning on how to decorate the house too. I'm keeping it simple with a colour scheme of white. We have been searching for deals on alcohol and buying where there are good offers. On each visit to the supermarket I buy soft drinks that are on offer and I'm accumulating a nice collection of different drinks now. I am waiting for the supermarkets to have their offers on hams and salmon which they usually do for Easter. I want to buy a large gammon to roast and a half salmon to poach.

I have 3 desserts already made and in the freezer. They are a baked lemon cheesecake (I made this last Christmas and it's lovely). The chocolate & chestnut torte I made yesterday and today I made a mixed berry mousse cake. They all turned out great and just need finishing off with last minute decorations on the day. The torte I made yesterday was made with things I already had in the cupboard, all I had to buy was the double cream. The berry mousse cake was made with berries in the freezer and again I only needed to buy cream. So wedding party plans are going quite smoothly at the moment.

The girls finished school and college today so we shall have a busy time ahead. I want to take them to buy new shoes and some clothes. They seem to have outgrown everything. We need to have a blitz on their bedrooms and  there will be some entertainment required at some point. So a day trip somewhere or a visit to the cinema may be called for. We shall see.

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  1. I'd be in utter panic if I'd had that sprung on me but it sounds like you're calm, collected and have got everything under control. I don't blame anyone going abroad to get married these days, when you think what the average wedding costs now, and people you don't really know get invited and paid for.