Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A frugal day

Only a short post. The internet connection is terrible where I am tonight and keeps disconnecting so I hope I get to do a short blog before I'm cut off.

Used up lots of odds and ends in the fridge today. I had a small dish off vegetables leftover from our fajitas a few days ago which I threw into the spagetti bolognese in the slowcooker. This was our tea tonight. I had a portion of creamy mascarpone sauce which was in the freezer from a meal we had last week. I had a small amount of coleslaw & salad leftover from tea last night and a half packet of crabsticks  which have been in the fridge since the end of last week.

These were all used up to make a nice tasty sandwich for my lunch. The dogs vegetables were low and I haven't time to go and buy a sack of pony carrots for him today so I boiled some old looking bits of veg to tied him over till I get a sack of carrots tomorrow.

Went to my voluntary job today and daughter No2 met me at the shop when I'd finished so she could get a lift home. She came out of the shop with a nice top and a pretty skirt which only cost us a few pounds. We then went to a shop to get her a dress she had seen in the White Rose Shopping Centre yesterday (did not have her size in the shop in Leeds). We found her size  and I was going to pay for it when daughter said," No mum, I'll pay for it and use my student  card to get  a discount. You pay me back later." So daughter saved me £3.00  which is not a great deal but it's better in my pocket than the shops profit.

Bye until tomorrow


  1. I've noticed lots of shops offer disounts for students, and as you say, £3 is better in your pocket than their's.

  2. I'm using up leftovers this week...trying to be extra frugal! :)