Friday, 22 April 2011

Yearly Car Clean

How are you all enjoying this wonderful weather? I can't believe it's only April with the temperatures we are having. I went to work in the charity shop this morning. They were open even though it's a bank holiday. I said I would work this bank holiday but I am not going to work the bank holiday next Friday because I want to watch the Royal Wedding. I bought a top from the shop today but will return it next week because it's too big. I also bought a jigsaw book for £1.20 for when my grandaughter comes to stay.

I gave my car it's yearly clean today. I hate washing my car and I really do only clean it about once a year. I can't understand these people who spend hours cleaning their cars. It seems such a waste of time because it gets dirty again in no time. I made daughter No2 clean the inside of the car. She eats her breakfast in the car as I drive her to college and the car is full of crumbs because of her. It's a wonder I don't have mice.

So now I have a lovely sparkling clean car, but for how long? I bet when I go out in the morning a bird will have messed on my car. The birds around here seem to take great pleasure from bombarding my car, windows and clean washing on the line.

I got some weeding done this afternoon. I also planted some squash and courgette seeds. I got a couple of trays of bedding plants in Aldi yesterday so I potted a container up with some and the rest I planted into the garden. I want to get some spring onions sown tomorrow and shall look in my seed box for anything else I can sow.

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