Sunday, 10 April 2011

Poor Sherlock

Yesterday I slept until 4.30pm after my night shift oblivious to the goings on with my dog Sherlock. My hubby and daughter No3 had taken him for a walk by the lake with it being a lovely day. Sherlock went to the edge of the water attracted to some smell and ended up with a fishing hook lodged in his mouth. Hubby tried for some time to get it out but it was a hook with a couple of hooks on the end so could not release it. Poor Sherlock was getting very distressed and was in a lot of pain. A man walking his dogs stopped to see if he could help and ended up offering to drive hubby, daughter and Sherlock to a vet.

The vet shaved his legs to give him a sedative in one leg and an injection in the other leg to bring him round.  Hook removed and then an injection to stop any infection. Hubby had to ring his parents to come and collect them and to bring a cheque book because the vet would not take cards for payment! Poor Sherlock was wobbly on his legs for a lot of the day and kept letting us know he was in discomfort with the odd whimper now and again.

Sherlock's shaven legs

So today Sherlock is back to his normal self with just shaven legs to show for his ordeal. It turned out to be a rather expensive walk with the dog....£100! 

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  1. Awww, poor Sherlock. Our pets do give us frights at times, as well as making our purses lighter. Some people are so irresponsible, leaving fishing hooks behind.