Thursday, 2 June 2011

Homemade Ravioli

What fantastic weather we have had today. I did put suncream on today but forgot the back of my neck and back so this evening I have a lobster looking back. Won't do that again. I spent the morning in the garden tidying the borders and putting in some annuals because I knew it would be too hot this afternoon for that job. The garden looks a lot better now but still need to do some more weeding and planting.

I spent some time this afternoon making pasta. It is a time consuming job but I find it very enjoyable and the taste is so much better than shop bought dried pasta and it's a lot lighter too. I wanted to use some roasted vegetables I had in the freezer and some cottage cheese I'd had in the fridge ages. On checking the cottage cheese this morning it had gone mouldy so that had to be binned. I did not want to go and buy anymore cottage cheese because the whole point of making the ravioli was to use up the cottage cheese. I decided to use some garlic and herb cream cheese I had in instead.

I chopped the roasted veg then added cream cheese and grated Parmesan. these were all mixed well. I made my pasta with 250g of 00 pasta flour, 3 eggs, 1tbsp olive oil and a good pinch of sea salt.

 I rolled this out with my pasta machine into long strips. I tried putting filling on the strips of pasta then placing another strip on top then cutting out with a round cutter.

I found I was getting too many air pockets so I cut out my rounds, wet the edges with water, filled with filling then popped a circle on top and sealed by pressing firmly around the edge.

I made as many as I could with the filling and let them dry on a t towel.

 I then made some tagliatelle with the remainder dough and dried it over wooden spoons resting on my cupboard handles.

I made a nice tomato sauce and some homemade garlic bread to have with it.

We had this al fresco because the evening was so lovely. It tasted really great. Everyone commented on how lovely it was the only trouble was it was very light and we all could have eaten a lot more!


  1. I've never made pasta, I always buy it, but your's looks delicious as does the sauce. Hope your sunburn doesn't trouble you too much. I only have to look at the sun to burn so I made sure I used plenty of suncream today. Hasn't it been gorgeous?

  2. Karen, are you secretly a chef ? Your food always looks so lovely.

  3. No but I wish I were! Wish I'd have know how much enjoyment I would get from cooking when I was a kid. I would have gone on to do it as a career.