Monday, 6 June 2011

Menu Week 06/06/11

MONDAY - Fragrant pork & rice one-pot with freshly made bread
ME - Same but made with veggie sausages

TUESDAY - Roasted vegetable frittata, salad and wedges
ME - Same

WEDNESDAY - Prawn stir fry and noodles
ME - Same

THURSDAY - Spaghetti bolognese & homemade garlic bread
ME - Not home, helping at a fashion show, most probably a sandwich

FRIDAY - Italian meatloaf, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy
ME - Bean loaf and same as above

SATURDAY -Homemade pizzas, homemade coleslaw & wedges
ME - Same

SUNDAY - BBQ (if weathers good) and salad

Spent some time this morning checking prices of everything I need on my shopping list on mysupermarket comparison site. Aldi did not have their super 6 on the web page when I was looking this morning so had to wait until I arrived there to see what was on offer this week. Did well with my shop this week, keeping in budget again. Got some peppers reduced which I wanted for tomorrows frittata and Wednesdays stir fry. I got 2 x bags (4 in a bag) for 85p a bag.

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  1. You know it's going to rain on Sunday now, don't you? And it'll be all your fault. Seriously, I hope the weather's fine for you.