Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Food costs

Hi all, I just dropped into the Frugal Down Under blog and she was commenting today on her grocery bill http://frugaldownunder.blogspot.com/2011/06/weekly-grocery-shopping.html  I was really surprised at the amount of food she purchased for the amount of money she paid. I converted the Australian dollars into British sterling and her $137.51 bill was £90.39 in our currency. Now I know we all moan about food prices but I don't think I will moan as much after discovering how much some countries pay.

I'm lucky where I live because we have a free range egg farm a few miles away and I buy all my eggs there each week. They have a honesty box in a shed where all the eggs are laid out on a table and you drop your cash in the honesty box on leaving. They sell their eggs very cheaply, a dozen is £1.50 but they also sell eggs which they call seconds because they are too big or too small or the shell may be a bit bumpy. Who they supply to don't want these so these are sold at 1 dozen for £1.00! This is great for me because I do a lot of baking so it makes for cheap bakes and a meal can always be rustled up with a few eggs.

So tonight's meal was egg based and a veggie meal. We had SAVOURY TOMATOES served on potato cakes with mushroom and thyme. The potato cakes were made with leftover mash from yesterdays meal and I mixed an egg yolk into them and seasoned so they were dirt cheap to make. The mushrooms were cooked in olive oil and a knob of butter with garlic and thyme and seasoned well. The savoury tomatoes are simply scooped out beef tomatoes cooked for 10 minutes in the oven then season the shells and drop in an egg yolk. Whisk up the egg whites until stiff, season and add a handful of cheese of your choice and fold in. fill the tomatoes with this mixture and return to the oven for 10 minutes. 

We had 2 potato cakes each and when you cut into the tomato the yolk is still lovely and runny so the potato cake soaks all that up.

Right must dash time to go to work. Bye


  1. I agree, it certainly seems very expensive for what she bought. Your meal looks lovely.

  2. Yes, my shopping is sooooo expensive - and yet I really try to look at the specials and the best deal for my hard earned dollars. Most of my friends spend between $200 and $300 on their weekly food bills here in the north of Australia.

    I have the luxury of the garden plot to harvest some greens. Next year I hope to get a LOT more from my plot.

    I have just read that the average grocery shopping in Australia is $197.65 a week!!! So I'm doing well, but know I could do a bit better. Prices are going to be going up in Australia in the next month or so. Scary stuff.

    Each time I read grocery posts from the UK I'm astounded of how everything seems so inexpensive. But maybe our average pay packet is better here??? I'll need to research and write a post about it.

    Thanks for the mention. Love your blog.