Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stinking Cold

I've got a horrible stinking cold and I'm fed up with it. My sinus's hurt and my nose is dripping like a tap. I'll have a nose like Rudolf if I keep blowing my nose much more.

So I'm sat here in bed with a couple of paracetamol and a stash of tissues. I have been taking some sinus relief tablets earlier today but have ran out of them now. Tomorrow I plan to visit Wilkinsons to stock up on some more medication. I always look in Wilkinsons first before buying at a chemist because they are so much cheaper. I get their own brand paracetamol for about 20p and their own brand sinus tablets which are a lot cheaper than the chemist. I suffer with cold sores and their own brand cold sore cream works great. I checked the ingredients on the packet with a very well know cold sore cream and they have exactly the same ingredients in them. The well know brand cost four times as much as the unbranded one. You basically are paying for the brand name and I refuse to spend that amount on a product just for the name.

So a short post today because I'm feeling yucky. Shall read a few blogs and got to sleep soon.
Night all.


  1. Hope you're feeling a little better today, it's no fun at all having cold. I usually buy supermarket's own brand paracetamols, much cheaper than branded ones like you say.

  2. Hope you feeling better today. Image which you had kept it is good. From where did you find that...

    Martha Burns
    Treatment For Cold Sore

  3. Hi Martha, I got the image by googling images for a "person with a cold" and it just brought up lots of pictures of people with colds.