Thursday, 9 June 2011

Absolutely Shattered!

I'm a volunteer at a charity shop two half days a week. Tonight we had a charity fashion show to raise cash for the charity and I helped out. I arrived at the venue at 4.00pm to help get everything set up. I was to dress two of the models and they had five changes of clothes with accessories. There were twelve models, six dressers, a lady doing make-up and hair, raffle ticket seller, tea makers, door person taking tickets and numerous more people all coming together to make it happen and all of us volunteers. We had such a lot of fun. It was very exciting and the models were very nervous but did not let the nerves get the better of them and they did a great job.

This was some of the jewellery we had for sale. The table was very long and was filled. We had lots and lots of shoes and bags too.

We had 9 rails of clothes to sell. Thankfully when I'm at the shop tomorrow I will have finished before all the rails get returned to our shop at lunch time. Don't fancy having to sort through that lot. We broke off for sandwiches at 5.30pm and these were provided free so that was my meal for the evening. Everything went really well and we had a good turnout.We all cleared everything up afterwards and finally left at 10.00pm shattered! This is the first fashion show we have done and can't wait to do the next one.

Going to bed now. I'm very tired. Bye

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  1. It sounds like lots of fun even though it was hard work. I hope the charity made lots of money from it.