Friday, 24 June 2011

Bargain Buys

Hi all, had the usual busy Friday volunteering at the charity shop. I got a bargain too for £3.30. It's a Next signature top with the new label still attached with the price tag of £35.00! 

Well, I could not pass a bargain like that now, could I? I've tried it on and it fits lovely and will go great with my white linen trouser. Really pleased with that buy. I also bought a DVD of Evita. This is one of my favourite films. It's years since I've watched it.

This DVD was brand new too. It still had it's cellophane and security strip on. I bought this for £1.50.
I called into a charity shop a few doors down from the one I work in because I saw a beautiful cake stand when I passed this morning. I asked the girl in the shop if I could have a look at it. It turned out to be a plate which when turned over had a couple of cracks through it. So that got left in the shop.

Anyone bought any great bargains today.
Bye for now


  1. Last week I did my little $25 op-shop splurge for my market stall. So much fun!!!!!

    I found a brand new black silk dress from Monsoon with a 85 pound tag still attached for $1. Thats $129AUS!!!

    And the previous op-shop splurge a silk top for $6 with tags still attached - I googled and found sold for $250+AUS!!!!!

    And a pair of Ecco shoes tagged 199$AUS - I purchased for $4.99

    Alas neither dress fits me and as for the shoes 1 size too small (I tried to wear them but they killed me) - so I'll sell them on to some one who loves a bargain at my little Happy Yess stall next week. Who gives expensive unworn items away to op-shops. It just shows the throw away society we live in.

    I did get a cute pair of converse shoes for $2 in MY SIZE!!! And I LOVE them.

    Very cute top. Now we need a pick of you dressed in your finds.

  2. I like the top, and it was a great bargain. Evita is one of my favourite films too, I've got it on DVD.