Thursday, 23 June 2011

Junk Drawer

Come on, admit it, how many of you out there own a junk drawer? Bet nearly everyone who's reading this will admit to owning one. Me included. This is my junk drawer AFTER I took out 2 mobile phones and five! phone chargers.

The mobile phones will be taken to the charity shop I volunteer in tomorrow. We have free post envelopes that can be used to send old mobiles away to be reused or recycled. The five chargers were taken Tuesday to Sainsburys. They have a scheme on at the moment which lasts until the end of August where you can drop off old chargers in store for recycling. I have transferred all the junk I want to keep into my new kitchen drawer using old margarine tubs to compartment the drawer for different things and make it a lot easier to find things.


Voila, one tidy junk drawer. It feels great decluttering something that is such a mess. I recycled lots, paper, plastic, phones and chargers. I also got rid of a bag of junk and rehomed things to their proper place like tools to the garage and paper hole puncher to the office. It always seems like a big task, but to be honest I think it took me about half an hour. Now, anyone mess up my junk drawer and there will be trouble!

For our meal tonight we had creamy pesto chicken. I was going to do boiled new potatoes but had none in so made sauteed  potatoes instead which they all loved. The creamy pesto chicken is made by mixing half a jar of red pesto with half a tub of mascarpone cheese. I then split chicken breasts and stuff the creamy pesto mix inside then coat the fillets in breadcrumbs and then roast in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil on top.

 We had these with steamed peas and roasted cherry tomatoes. I will use the rest of the mascarpone cheese tomorrow in a tuna tomato sauce to use on pasta. 


  1. hmmmm I have a whole cupboard full of junk..and a few drawers!!..must get organised!! xx

  2. I wish I only had a junk drawer, my house seems to be full of junk !!

  3. Hello Karen,
    Yes, hands up I do have a junk drawer, which too has recently been tidied up.

  4. Your meal looks delicious, making my tummy rumble. Have you seen Michael McIntyre talking about the 'man drawer'? Yes, we've got a man/junk drawer in our kitchen too.

  5. No junk draws at my place!!! Everything gets dumped on all the spare surfaces. Draws are tidy, the rest is not.