Monday, 13 June 2011

Menu Week 13/06/11

MONDAY - Starter-Wensleydale mushrooms. Omelet, jacket potatoes & beans
ME - No starter. Same meal

TUESDAY -Meatballs and spaghetti with homemade garlic bread
ME -Tuna tomato sauce & spaghetti

WEDNESDAY - Salmon en croute, New potatoes, peas & carrots
ME - Same

THURSDAY - Sausage, mash, vegetables and onion gravy
 ME - Veggies sausages, boiled potatoes, vegetables and onion gravy

FRIDAY - Leftover chicken & bacon in a sauce over vegetable rice
ME - Lentil & vegetable curry with rice

SATURDAY - Chicken curry and rice with naan bread
ME - lentil & vegetable curry and rice

SUNDAY - Roast Dinner

 Today I made a large bowl of pasta salad to have for my lunches through the week and for anyone else who fancies some.
I boiled some pasta and added half a packet of green beans. When cooked I added a drained tin of tuna, olives, cherry tomatoes, red onion and some peppers and marrow I roasted earlier. This was all combined with some dried oregano and a good drizzle of fat free dressing and then finished with quartered boiled eggs. It was a nice change from sandwiches for my lunch. The cost was £2.38 for the whole bowl full so I think that's very cheap because I will get about 5-6 servings from this bowl full.   

I used up some more leftovers from the freezer today to make a starter my lot love, Wensleydale mushrooms.

To make these I used some bacon bits I had already in the freezer and I used the Wensleydale cheese that was leftover from the party at the beginning of May. The family always enjoy these little pots of cheesy mushrooms.The recipe was from this site

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  1. I bet the cheesy mushrooms were delicious, I might have to give that recipe a go myself. The pasta salad looks very appetising too.